Nijmegen-Arnhem GWS, in Netherlands, holds first worship service


Date Posted: July 6, 2024

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The recent addition to the three local congregations and two group worship services (GWS) of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) in the Netherlands is the Nijmegen-Arnhem GWS. It held its first worship service on June 29, 2024 at Platohof 14, 6836 GH Arnhem, Netherlands, with Brother Joel Catalan, district supervising minister, officiating.

Formerly, the brethren in Nijmegen and Arnhem would attend the worship services at the place of worship of the Local Congregation of Dordrecht, which is more than 100 kilometers from their houses.

“We are so thankful to the Father for again granting us, through the Church Administration, another place where our brethren can gather and worship Him. Having a place of worship near them, they can now be even more active in the faith, which is pleasing to God,” said Brother Catalan.

During the worship service, the officiating minister taught from the Scriptures that members of the true Church must always strive to do what is right no matter where they are or what situation they may be in. He also exhorted the brethren to help the Church keep flourishing in the country by their being zealous in inviting more people to listen to the pristine gospel.

“The increasing number of group worship services is the result of the brethren’s zeal in their faith,” said Brother Jason Dulalas, the assistant district supervising minister. “They have problems of their own, yes, but they take such as chances to be all the more dedicated in their God-given duties. They stay active in all the works of the Church while trusting in God,” he further attested.

The local congregations in the Netherlands are Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Dordrecht while the other two GWS are Almere GWS and The Hague GWS. As of this writing, the Ecclesiastical District of Central Europe supervises brethren across four European countries (Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands) and one country in Asia (Uzbekistan). — With reports from Eva-Marie Krause of INC News Section