South Korea District spiritually boosts Church officers via special gathering


Date Posted: April 13, 2024

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On March 24, 2024, the Ecclesiastical District of South Korea convened Church officers at their respective local congregation’s house of worship for a special gathering that the district supervising minister, Brother Roderick Yome, officiated. The house of worship of the Gwang-ju Local Congregation served as the host site, while the rest connected remotely.

During the study of God’s words, Brother Yome reminded the attendees about the qualities that responsible Church officers must possess according to the Bible, as well as the duties they must fulfill especially in the works of propagation and edification. The lesson also emphasized that Church officers should always be united with the Church Administration, for the glory and honor of the Almighty God and the Lord Jesus Christ.

After the special gathering, Church officers expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the Church Administration for always reminding them of the blessings that go along with their God-given duties. Among them was Anagil Santos, an organist from the Uijeongbu Congregation, who said, “The gathering has brought additional inspiration for me as I fulfill my duties. This will also serve as my guidance as I continue being one with the Church Administration in all the holy endeavors in the Church.”

Rhea Pataray, a choir member from the same congregation, expressed, “It felt uplifting that I remain in my duty. Every time I perform it, I am even more strengthened to face any challenges in life.”

During the occasion, 61 new officers in the Church were sworn in before God as led by the district Church officers overseer, Brother Resty Bugarin. He conveyed, “Praise be to God for the additional helpers of the Church Administration in making sure that the brethren are worthy of receiving salvation.” — With reports from Chris Antonette Pugay of INC News Section