Special gathering, exhibit in Punta marks Manila District’s 82nd anniversary


Date Posted: June 4, 2024

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Commemorating its 82nd anniversary, the Ecclesiastical District of Manila, in the Philippines, held a special gathering of Church officers at the house of worship of the Local Congregation of Punta on May 18, 2024.

Brother Wilson Cayago, district supervising minister, officiated at the said occasion. During the study of God’s words, Brother Cayago emphasized to the attendees, including many Church officers, that God’s promised help and guidance is intended for His people. Reflecting on the district’s history, he mentioned some of the many successes God has bestowed upon their district in all its Church endeavors.


Brother Cayago then encouraged everyone to remain united with the Church Administration in caring for their fellow brethren. Doing so, God will continue to bless them not only in this life but all the more in the life to come.

Right after the special gathering, the “District History Appreciation Day” program commenced at the said congregation’s compound. Brother Reynaldo Arizala, assistant district supervising minister, delivered the opening remarks, commending the brethren for their selfless efforts that contributed to the district’s manifold successes.

The presentation of certificates for the photo essay competition’s winners followed, which Brother Jase Galliguez, the district chronicler, led. Meanwhile, Brothers Cayago and Arizala led the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the photo exhibit showcasing the district and local congregation’s history timeline, among others.

Charlene Napisa from Punta Congregation and one of the photo essay competition’s winners, expressed gratitude, saying, “Our activity today is a manifestation of God’s blessings not only in our district but in the entire Church. On my part, I will continue fulfilling my duties until the end to receive salvation come Judgment Day.”

Through the aforementioned activities, Brother Cayago hoped for all brethren in the district to be “inspired for being knowledgeable of the district’s rich history, inspiring them to continue fulfilling their respective duties to God, all for His glory.” — With reports from Bernard Martinez of INC News Section