Special gathering in Caribbean District edifies choir members anew


Date Posted: March 21, 2024

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Choir members play a significant role in gatherings of the Church Of Christ, primarily during worship services, as they lead their fellow brethren in singing hymns of praises to God and the Lord Jesus Christ.

To help them remain dedicated to their duty, choir members, both in the adult and Children’s Worship Service (CWS) in the Ecclesiastical District of Caribbean, attended a special gathering on February 25, 2024. It was officiated at by Brother Garry Garcia, district supervising minister, at the house of worship of the Local Congregation of Miami, Florida, which served as the host site, and places of worship in Aruba, Dominican Republic, Grand Cayman, Haiti, Nassau, and West Palm Beach as remote sites connected via livestreaming.

Brother Garcia reminded the choir members to fulfill their Church duties wholeheartedly, as God expects them to do so, even amid life’s trials and difficulties.

“No matter what circumstances I face, I will strive to stay strong. I will always call upon God to seek His help. I will be prayerful,” shared Archie Hernandez, a choir member from Miami Congregation.  “It’s always a blessing to serve God, and in my duties as a choir member. It’s always a blessing to sing and glorify God with the voice He gives me. Also, I promise to obey Him faithfully,” he added. — With reports from Renee Suarez of INC News section