Special gathering in Central Valley, California edifies, appoints CFO officers


Date Posted: June 1, 2024

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On May 18, 2024, the Ecclesiastical District of Central Valley, California, held a special gathering for the officers in the Christian Family Organizations (CFO) during which newly appointed ones took oath of office. The gathering was held at the house of worship of the Local Congregation of Bakersfield.

Brother Isaias Antinew, the district supervising minister, officiated, reminding all in attendance God’s noble intent of endowing Church duties to trustworthy ones. “Church duty is a gift from God. Now that the world is full of chaos, Church officers unite with the Church Administration in strengthening the brethren’s faith, guiding them so as not to fall into various temptations in this world,” he emphasized.


After the homily, Brother Benjie delos Reyes, the district Church officers overseer, led the oath-taking of Church officers. “So many brethren are willing to accept the call of becoming Church officers. This is a manifestation of God’s love for His people. All praises be to Him,” said Brother David in an interview after the gathering.

“As a CFO officer, it’s very important for me to always help in our district activities,” said Rachel Benedicto.

“We’ve been guided to do things in a manner that is pleasing to God,” said Aiko de Guzman, a district CFO officer. “That is why we attend various CFO activities. These help us uphold Christian values, thus we’re able to live and act in accordance with the will of our Lord God.” — With reports from Melissa Benedicto of INC News Section