For they are no longer two, but one

For they are no longer two, but one We must not be misled by false beliefs concerning marriage. We must know whom the Bible identifies as truly married according to the will of God. By NICANOR P. TIOSEN THE MANY CHANGES in society and the various problems in life have resulted in the shifting outlook […]

Got problems? Turn to God!

He who can expect God to help him as he deals with worries and problems is the one who puts his trust in Him. So, if we want God to help us …

God’s last work of salvation

The Bible prophesies God’s last work of salvation that will be led by His chosen servant from a far country at the ends of the earth …

Where faith should lead

Where faith should lead The way of salvation that we should follow is that which the Savior Himself, our Lord Jesus Christ, taught as written in the Bible. By LLOYD RUBEN I. CASTRO AS MANY AS THERE are religions or churches, so too are the ways they teach on how one can be saved on Judgment […]

On having patience and praying

With God, His servants can overcome their worries and frustrations in life. They need to believe in the value and efficacy of praying to Him …

Making our parents proud

Whenever we bring joy to our parents by being good sons and daughters to them, we also bring glory to the one true God, the Father …

Ceaselessly giving thanks to God

No matter what their situation in life is, Church Of Christ members will never cease to give thanks and give bountiful thank offerings to the Almighty Father for this is their solemn promise to Him.