District of Alaska holds special worship service, evangelical mission


Date Posted: April 22, 2024

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On March 25, 2024, the Ecclesiastical District of Alaska conducted a special worship service that was hosted from the house of worship of the Local Congregation of Anchorage, and livestreamed to designated remote sites in the district. The following day, the evangelical mission held at the Anchorage Museum Auditorium was also livestreamed to the same sites.

Brother Joel V. San Pedro, minister in charge of the Church’s Overseas Mission Office officiated both occasions. During his homily in the worship service, he reminded the congregants that as the Second Advent of Christ is fast approaching, Church Of Christ members must be ready by conducting their lives as true Christians must, and share the true faith with others as well.

“There are so many challenges in the lives of people here in Alaska, such as long winter season with the snow causing people to remain mostly indoor and being busy with many having two or more jobs. Nevertheless, the brethren are undeterred in their unity with the Church Administration. In fact, many Church members here have decided to take up a Church duty, and actively participate in the works of propagation,” conveyed Brother Astrophel Caraig, district supervising minister.

During the evangelical mission on the next day, Brother San Pedro explained to guests that even if there are various opinions and beliefs concerning the attainment of salvation, what matters is what the Bible teaches. This is so because according to the Holy Scriptures, man must enter the flock or the Church Of Christ to be saved.

Brethren in the Anchorage area, along with their guests, assembled at the city’s museum auditorium, while those from the local congregations of Dutch Harbor, Fairbanks, Ketchikan, Kodiak, and Sitka, as well as the Juneau and North Pole group worship services, gathered in their respective places of worship.

One of the guests, Geralin Billuk, shared her impression about the evangelistic event. “I love the importance that the Church members give to the words of God written in the Bible. The ministers in the Church Of Christ always read from the Bible, which is not the same as the other churches I have attended.” She added, “I felt the hospitality of the members when I walked into the venue. There is a sense of a strong and loving community.”

As the District of Alaska recently celebrated its eighth anniversary, Ela Andrea Beronilla from the Anchorage Congregation said, “Looking back, there is no denying that my family and I was able to overcome all trials only through the help of the Father in heaven. It is because of Him that we remain as Church officers.”

Speaking on behalf of the district, the supervising minister conveyed, “Despite our distance from the Central Office, the Church Administration can rest assured that our district will remain united with them in all their endeavors and submissive to their instructions. We, the ministers and ministerial workers, will ensure that all brethren under our care will remain strong in their faith and obedient to God’s commandments.” — With reports from Jan Michael Deato