Brethren thankful for GWS in Liverpool, Nova Scotia


Date Posted: February 6, 2024

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“This is a great blessing for us in Liverpool. As what we’ve experienced, travel from Liverpool to Halifax is toilsome. Despite the trials, our Lord God did not forsake us. We’re all the more inspired to uphold our services to God,” said Danilo Labasan, Group Worship Service (GWS) overseer. Liverpool is more than 150 kilometers from the nearest congregation, Halifax.

To mark the establishment of the new GWS, which is under the supervision of the Ecclesiastical District of Ottawa, the inaugural worship service of the Liverpool, Nova Scotia GWS was held on January 21, 2024 at the house of worship of the Halifax Local Congregation, the original congregation of the members of the GWS. Succeeding worship services will now be held at a place of worship at 441, Main Street, Liverpool, Nova Scotia, Canada.


To be able to conduct congregational worship service in a place closer to their homes “is God’s answer to the prayers of brethren” living in Liverpool. “They continuously fulfill their Church duties, especially the worship service, knowing full well that it is their obligation and foremost duty to our Almighty God,” attested Brother Felix Miranda, resident minister of both the Halifax, Nova Scotia Local Congregation and the newly established GWS.

Brother Aeron Paul Mañabo, assistant district supervising minister, led the worship service. He reminded the attendees through a biblical lesson to value the spiritual over the material, that is, their worship of and services to God rather than the things of this world. Right after the biblical preaching, the pioneering set of officers took oath of duty.

“The establishment of this GWS is a fulfilment of God’s promises for His people, members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ),” Brother Mañabo said. “This development shows the deep desire of our beloved Executive Minister that all Church members be taken care of no matter where they are.”

“Praises be to God for He willed our GWS to be established,” said Kobi Jones, the Technical Support for Videostreaming (TSV) lead in the GWS. — With reports from Leilani Galsim St. Amand of INC News Section