Duty-bound to share the true faith: INC holds worldwide evangelical missions


Date Posted: February 16, 2024

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A multitude of people were able to hear the holy teachings of God upheld by the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) during the worldwide evangelical missions on January 26, 2024. The first of its kind this year, it was enthusiastically participated in by the members of the Church’s more than 8,000 congregations in over 160 countries and territories.

“I always find a way to communicate with other people about my faith,” said Christian Ragpan from the Local Congregation of Bonn, Germany in Central Europe District. “Whenever there’s an evangelical mission, I see to it that I invite and tell them about it.”

Noel Bernardo, head deacon in the De Castro Congregation, Metro Manila East District brought with him 40 workmates as guests. “I grab every opportunity to share my faith, inviting as many people as I could. I want them to know about the Church, how they can be saved as well,” he explained.

Held at every congregation’s place of worship, the activity involved the study of God’s words conducted by designated ministers and ministerial workers—from the members of the district leadership to those assigned in the congregations. The Bible-based lesson they preached focused on how one can surely receive eternal life in heaven when Judgment Day comes, which is to serve the Lord faithfully till the end inside His one true Church.

In many congregations, the brethren also distributed copies of the Pasugo: God’s Message magazine earlier that day as part of their preparation for the evangelical mission.

“We went around our neighborhood and at streets along Tandang Sora Avenue to give out Pasugo magazines,” shared Romeo Piad, head deacon of the Doña Faustina Housing Congregation, Central District. “Fortunately, many recipients accepted our invitation, and arrived at the house of worship.”

With God’s help, the brethren’s concerted efforts bore great results as every venue, according to district’s reports, was filled with guests. Many of them expressed interests to continue attending Bible studies, and even inquiring how to become Church members.

A certain guest of the Manitoba District, Everrett Findley said that he “like that the event was very welcoming.”

More specifically, Scott Colligan, a guest of the North York Congregation, Greater Toronto District, observed “ that you [brethren] were good.” He added, “God obviously led me here for a reason. I will definitely come again as I’m thinking of joining a new Church, so I’m searching.”

Similarly, Andrew Arcalai, a guest of the De Castro Congregation, Metro Manila East District, said, “I was struck with what I learned. So, I’ve decided to enlist myself as a Bible student. I don’t want to miss this opportunity given to me by God.”

In the Cagayan East District, certain local government officials accepted the Pattao Congregation members’ invitation. One of them, Edgar Cabrera, barangay captain of Remebella in Buguey town, remarked, “The lesson was explained to us in a manner that was easily understood, which I like. I hope to attend again sometime.”  

Cecilia Roquero, who was among the 383 guests who attended the said propagational activity in Bagong Silang V Congregation, decided to attend the evangelical mission because she “was curious to learn about the teachings of the Church Of Christ, one of which is about the one and only true God Whom people should serve.”

“I find it interesting that the Bible verses were flashed at the monitor. As the preacher reads the Bible verses, I can see and read them on my own,” observed Kaela Francois, a guest in Toronto, Canada.

Brother Vizar Balcita, Northern Europe District supervising minister, attested, “All brethren, led by the Church officers, are one with the Church Administration in endeavors like this because they know that this is a commandment of God so that more people will be called by Him, to serve Him, to worship Him, and, to attain the promised salvation.” — With reports from Avelino Arenas Jr, Dyna-Grace Buenaobra, Troice Cardenas, and John Alvin Ching of INC News Section