Edified Congo GWS members share the faith


Date Posted: June 4, 2023

Right after receiving edification in the faith during their Holy Supper on May 7, 2023, the members of the Lubumbashi, DR Congo GWS held an evangelical mission to share to their fellowmen that true faith with which they were blessed.

A few hours following the holy occasion—done once a year to commemorate the death of the Lord Jesus Christ, through which He redeemed His Church, the Church Of Christ—the brethren came back with their invited guests for the Bible study.

Lubumbashi, DR Congo GWS is more than 2,500 kilometers or 36 hours of travel time from the Ecclesiastical District of Southern Africa’s main office in Ladybrand, South Africa.

Assistant district supervising minister, Brother Reu-el Alvarez, officiated at the Holy Supper, which he said “is an important occasion for the members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ).”

On the other hand, Brother Mark Jeremie Bartolo, resident minister, officiated at the evangelical mission scheduled at 1:00 in the afternoon. “It is the duty of the brethren in the Church Of Christ that after receiving the Holy Supper, we will proclaim the reason for Christ’s death, for more people to receive salvation when the Day of Judgment comes,” he said.

Using the French language commonly used by the people there, Brother Bartolo taught from the Bible the importance of joining the Church Of Christ—it is the means by which one is given the right and privilege to serve and worship the one true God, which leads to salvation on Judgment Day.

“Many [of the guests] wanted to continue listening, others even decided to undergo Bible studies on doctrines,” said Brother Alvarez. — With reports from Cara Luzeleine Sanico of INC News Section