Faith, love, and hope resonate in LA County musical evangelical mission


Date Posted: November 29, 2023

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The historic Saban Theatre (formerly known as Fox Wilshire Theater) in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles County, California, served as the venue of the musical evangelical mission on October 29, 2023 as part of the Los Angeles County, California Ecclesiastical District’s countdown of its fifth founding anniversary in February next year.

The program started with an opening prayer led by Brother Dean Ancheta, district Church officers overseer. Afterwards, brethren from the district’s 17 local congregations with their respective guests were serenaded with musical performances featuring Iglesia Ni Cristo Original Music.


The program also featured a play portraying a family in the Church Of Christ whose faith, love, and hope abound. Through the play, it was shown that despite the troubles in the world, God’s people never lose their trust in Him, and that members of the Church Of Christ get the inspiration they need from their membership, that is why whatever they encounter, they will never let go of their divine election.

Also featured in the play were the endeavors of God’s Messsenger in these last days, Brother Felix Y. Manalo (1886-1963), of Brother Eraño G. Manalo (1925-2009), and of Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, the current Executive Minister of the Church, in their respective times in caring for the Church, and in fulfilling the duties entrusted to them by God.

The musical play concluded with all of the performers singing Salamat Po, Ka Eduardo (Thank you, Brother Eduardo) followed by a heartfelt prayer led by Brother Artemio Pilon Jr., district supervising minister.

“The aim of the district in conducting the musical evangelical mission is to continue to unite with the Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, in obeying one of God’s commands, which is to share our faith, this time, through Iglesia Ni Cristo Original Music. This is also to enhance the God-given talents of the brethren who performed and to all the more strengthen the faith, love and hope of our brethren as we approach our nearing salvation,” stated Brother Pilon.

Brother Pilon added: “We want to remind the brethren that we need to place our complete trust in God and rely on what He can do for us. This has also a great impact to the guests because it shows the exceptional unity of the members of the Church, the love for brotherhood and our fellowmen. It shows the amazing faith and determination of the members of the Church through music.” — With reports from Aika Era of INC News Section