Gatherings in Bohol strengthen Buklod members’ faith, marital bond


Date Posted: January 19, 2024

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The leadership of the Ecclesiastical District of Bohol convened the married Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) members from Bohol Province, Philippines in special gatherings held on December 19, 2023 with the noble aim of strengthening their faith as well as their bonds with their respective spouses.

Buklod members from local congregations and group worship services constituting the district’s eight areas, namely, Bicao, Bogtongbod, Guindulman, Mahayag, San Jose, Tagbilaran City, Tubigon, and Ubay, attended the said holy gatherings in designated houses of worship.

Brother Raul Cervantes, the district supervising minister, officiated at the holy gathering held in San Jose Congregation’s house of worship. His fellow members of the district leadership who presided over such gatherings were Brothers Nestor Acuzar, assistant district supervising minister, in Guindulman; Sammy Magallanes, district edification overseer, in Ubay; Ronelo Deloya, district Church officers overseer, in Bicao; Joseph Batuhinay, district Christian Family Organizations overseer, in Tagbilaran. The gatherings in the rest of the areas were led by other designated ministers of the gospel.

The Buklod members were reminded of proper parenting and leading their households in accordance with God’s will. One of the holy intents of the lesson had taught them so that no family member would be derailed from their journey towards the promised salvation on Judgment Day and eternal life in the Holy City.

“Gatherings like this are important for us Buklod members,” said Mila Cabahug, a deaconess from the Local Congregation of Tagbilaran City, “because it helps us to be much better in fulfilling our responsibilities as parents, to guide our children solely with the words of our Lord God.” — With reports from Louise Cabahug of INC News Section