Group, area officers in Manitoba District boost leadership skills thru seminar


Date Posted: September 20, 2023

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Church officers overseeing every group and area in the Ecclesiastical District of Manitoba in Canada endeavored to boost their leadership skills through an enhancement seminar on August 20, 2023.

“For those who had been in their duties for many years, it serves as a reminder for them on how they should fulfill their duties, enhancing the skills and the gifts that have been given them so that they will become more effective instruments of God and the Church Administration in edifying the brethren,” explained Brother Felman Saren, district overseer for Church officers. “While for those who are newly officers that have taken oath, it’s also a good chance for them to learn from the seasoned officers as to how they should perform their duties and how to give counsel and advice to the brethren under their care.”

Eduardo Francisco, head deacon of the Weston Congregation, served as the resource speaker. Through roleplaying scenarios on how to handle brethren who are being visited, he shared tips on effective counseling techniques and various approaches on dealing with different brethren, and their situations.

“The importance of this kind of seminar is it serves as a refresher and a reminder of the responsibilities of officers inside the Church. That’s why it’s such a great thing that the Church Administration approved this activity because it benefits all of us and ultimately benefits the Church. We, deacons, the deaconesses, overseers, and assistants are the ones to help the Church Administration to take care of the brethren and to make sure that their spiritual lives are enhanced,” said Francisco.

The seminar ended with a closing remark delivered by Brother Roland Andrade, district supervising minister. In an interview, he expressed, “We thank God and the Church Administration for such activity. It’s important for officers in the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) today to learn how they can be effective in leading our brothers and sisters in their spirituality and their services to the one true God. They need to be reviewed on how to properly engage with our brothers and sisters during visitations. It is important for them to communicate well and teach them with all wisdom coming from the words of our Almighty God written in the Bible.”

Besides the Church officers who attended the seminar onsite, which was held at the auditorium of the Weston Congregation’s house of worship, group and area overseers from other congregations also participated from their respective houses of worship through videoconferencing. — With reports from Kyla Mamucud of INC News Section