KADIWA from Negros del Norte spearhead online Pasugo drive


Date Posted: March 29, 2022

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KADIWA members in the Ecclesiastical District of Negros del Norte took the lead in spreading the true message of salvation on March 9, 2022 by conducting an online Pasugo drive.

Among those who eagerly participated in the online Pasugo drive that day was Jerose Beth Bombita, a college student and choir member from the Local Congregation of Guihulngan. Her hectic schedule in homeschooling did not hinder her from sharing the true faith because, “It is important to introduce to my classmates and friends the teachings of God we uphold inside the Church Of Christ for them to be saved,” she said.

Just like her, other youth members from other local congregations shared the link of selected pasugo.com.ph religious articles to their classmates, colleagues, friends, and relatives through their social media accounts as well as various messaging applications.

Along with the invitation to read the said articles, they also took the opportunity to encourage the recipients to attend the Bible studies and worship services regularly conducted in their respective local congregations to further learn about the the teachings of God upheld by the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ).  

Brother Mark Anthony Baisan, ministerial worker assigned in the Local Congregation of Escalante City, attested to the zeal the KADIWA members has shown in helping the Church Administration in the holy endeavors of the Church. “Even though they are busy,” he said, “they still find time in uniting with the activities related to the work of propagation.” — With reports from INC News Section