KADIWA in Taiwan promotes health awareness


Date Posted: January 8, 2022

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On December 5, 2021,  the KADIWA organization from the Ecclesiastical District of Taiwan held an activity on health awareness, reinforcing among its members the importance of maintaining a healthy body and a healthy heart.

“Heart disease have always been a leading cause of mortality around the world,” said Honey Jean Viernes, registered nurse and the KADIWA president of the Local Congregation of Taipei City. Indeed, excluding Covid-19 pandemic and other communicable diseases, “the world’s biggest killer is ischaemic heart disease, responsible for 16% of the world’s total deaths” according to the World Health Organization (who.int). Also called coronary artery disease, this kind of heart problem is caused by narrowed heart arteries that can ultimately lead to heart attack (heart.org).

Through videoconferencing, brethren from various local congregations simultaneously watched a video presentation detailing reliable information on how to monitor their health for disease prevention and improve their overall health. Other KADIWA members took the chance to invite nonmembers, such as their co-workers, to the activity. Together with those who gathered at their respective places of worship, other brethren participated in the activity virtually from their dormitories.

Viernes added, “This type of activity is very helpful as it reminds the brethren to be mindful of our health, our heart, and take action starting with lifestyle modification like good eating habits or diet, proper exercise, among others to keep our heart healthy.” — With reports from INC News Section