Lilongwe City Congregation dedicates new house of worship


Date Posted: November 17, 2023

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More people in the nation of Malawi, Africa, becoming Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) members made the leadership of the Ecclesiastical District of Southeastern Africa feel the need for a new house of worship. With God’s help, that dream of the members of Local Congregation of Lilongwe City, Malawi,  was fulfilled as a new house of worship was dedicated to God during the special worship service on October 15, 2023.

Brother Glicerio P. Santos IV, the Church’s General Auditor, was sent by the Church Administration to officiate at the sacred occasion. He emphasized the high regard that true Iglesia Ni Cristo members have in the construction and maintenance of houses of worship. His biblical preaching was translated to the native Chichewa language, thus enabling the attendees to understand the message of God.

The brethren in Lilongwe City used to conduct their worship services at a rented hall. With God’s mercy and help, the Church Administration was able to buy a parcel of land at Area 43 Road, Senior GVH Kauma, T/A Chitukula, Lilongwe City, and there the new house of worship was constructed that is approximately 100 meters away from the former one.

The Church members there expressed bountiful joy having seen not only their house of worship’s completion but also its dedication to God. One of them, Alex Majamanda, happily said in an interview after the worship service: “This unique house of worship is a great blessing from God to us here in Malawi. The house of worship is unique. It stands on its own.”

“The house of worship is very important for us because it is where we go to worship and pray to God,” shared Alex Kamwendo.

“This house of worship dedication has been an added inspiration for us ministers, as well as the Church officers, especially the brethren here to fulfill our respective duties entrusted to us by our Lord God,” said Brother Andrey Silva, the district supervising minister.  — With research assistance from Nikko Jimenez