Mataas Na Kahoy Congregation celebrates 85th anniversary


Date Posted: December 26, 2023

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The Local Congregation of Mataas na Kahoy, Ecclesiastical District of Batangas North, in the Philippines, recently reached its 85th anniversary. The Church members there held their celebration at the gymnasium situated at Brgy. IV of Mataas Na Kahoy on November 27, 2023.



The congregation’s Christian Family Organizations (CFO) officers organized the day’s program under the supervision of Brother Joven Zara, resident minister.

The program commenced with an opening prayer led by Brother John Alfred Familara, ministerial worker. The opening remarks delivered by Alberto Mendoza, head deacon, followed.  Afterwards, select brethren performed dance and song numbers featuring the Iglesia Ni Cristo original music.

“Their performances were truly heartwarming. I was moved to tears while listening to them and it even more inspires me to continue fulfilling my duties to God,” said Kristy Mendoza Laya, a choir member. “I cannot contain the happiness I felt as we celebrate the milestone anniversary of our local congregation. This would not be possible without God’s help and mercy,” she added.

Following the musical numbers was the recognition of the brethren who represented the congregation in the International Unity Games, as well as those who excelled in the intensified work of propagation the past five years, from 2018 up to the present.

“I am thankful to our Lord God for I reached the age of 81. I’ve been able to witness our congregation’s milestones,” said Nectale Velasquez, a deaconess, one of the congregation’s oldest Church officers. “Undoubtedly, our Lord God has bestowed our local congregation with manifold blessings since its humble beginnings in 1938.” — With reports from INC News Section