NCC Congregation holds Pasugo drive, evangelical mission


Date Posted: March 10, 2024

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The Local Congregation of NCC, Ecclesiastical District of Urdaneta City, Pangasinan in the Philippines, proved once more their dedication in the works of propagation by holding a Pasugo: God’s Message magazine distribution on February 20, 2024, followed by an evangelical mission three days after.

Church members gave residents of Barangay Inmalog copies of the Pasugo magazine and invited them to the evangelical mission later that week.

Chenie Coloma, one of those given a copy of the magazine, who later on attended the evangelistic event, shared, “It was my first time to attend an activity of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ). This Church is not like the others whose activites I’ve also tried attending. In other religions, the preachers would read a verse or two from the Bible, and would storytell afterwards. But in the Church Of Christ, questions are answered always by the Bible.” Chenie is currently undergoing the process of joining the Church.

The evangelical mission was officiated at by the resident ministerial worker, Brother Bien Paul Mapili. From the Scriptures, he pointed out how fragile man’s life is in this world. Thus, he must use it wisely in order to gain the life that is eternal.

“The Church Administration always encourages us to be diligent in the works of the Church, especially in propagating God’s words, because Judgment Day is very near. So I do my best to invite others, especially those who are dear to me, because I want them to be saved as well,” conveyed Rubenson Ballesteros, choir organist and the one who guides Chenie through the process of joining the Church.

“The brethren in NCC will always be united with the Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, in all of the Church’s endeavor, to further the victories of the Church,” said Brother Mapili on behalf of the NCC Congregation, which recently celebrated its 43rd anniversary. — With reports from INC News Section