Northern Europe District conducts baptism in four countries


Date Posted: August 22, 2022

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With God’s blessings on the continuous efforts of the brethren to share the true faith, more people were baptized last July into the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) in Croatia, Denmark, Finland, and Norway. The local congregations in these countries are under the supervision of the Ecclesiastical District of Northern Europe.

The most recent of these was the baptism in Zagreb, Croatia (July 31). Prior to the said baptism, that in Helsinki, Finland (July 30); Copenhagen, Denmark (July 24); and Oslo, Norway (July 12) were held.

The resident ministers assigned to their respective local congregations administered the baptism. In the baptismal service, they taught would-be members a Bible-based lesson about the incomparable blessings of receiving the baptism inside the Church Of Christ. They reminded them to do their best to remain obedient to all of the commandments of God to be worthy of receiving salvation.

“First of all, sharing our faith is very important. It is a God-given duty for us to share our faith so that many people will know the Church Of Christ,” said Armando Quijano, the head deacon of Copenhagen Congregation.

“Despite this situation that we are living in, we members of the Church Of Christ in this part of the world will not cease when it comes to sharing our faith. It is one of our duties and responsibilities that no matter what happens, we will continue to fulfill this duty to give glory to our Father in heaven,” said Brother Philip Manguiat, the resident minister of Copenhagen Congregation. — With reports from the INC News Section