Northern Europe District elevates Prague GWS, opens another in Olomouc


Date Posted: September 13, 2022

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After being a group worship service (GWS) for over a decade since October 12, 2011, the community of Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) faithful in Prague, the Ecclesiastical District of Northern Europe, with the approval of the Church Administration, has elevated it to a full-fledged local congregation.

To mark this development, the new congregation’s members conducted a special worship service on August 21, 2022 in one of the function halls of Hotel Golf in PIzeñská, Motol, in the capital city of the Czech Republic.

District supervising minister, Brother Romeo Marquez, led them in praising and thanking God for this blessing, encouraging them through his Scripture-inspired sermon to always entrust in and devote themselves to the Lord.

“This event is important to me, being among the pioneering brethren. We were waiting for this day to come,” said Hazel Ann Ramilo, a choir member. “It’s just so elating that God finally answered our devotional prayers. It has motivated me to further strive in fulfilling my Church duties, one of which is inspiring more people to join the Church.”

Together with its new status, the Local Congregation of Prague has a new place of worship located at Ujezd 595/11 Malá Strana Prague 5.

Meanwhile, a day prior, the district leadership established a new GWS in another city in the Czech Republic, Olomouc.

“We received a great blessing from our Lord God. We now have a place of worship that is close to us,” expressed Cris John Jolipas, a deacon in the newly inaugurated Group Worship Service (GWS) of Olomouc, Czech Republic.

Formely members of the then Prague GWS, the brethren from Olomouc used to travel for three hours to the capital city to attend Church gatherings, especially the worship service.

The Olomouc GWS held their inaugural worship service at the Grand Hotel Brno conference room on August 20, 2022, which was officiated by the district minister. They now conduct regular worship services in the residence of Engelbert Orense at Dvořákova, Prostějov, with Reynaldo Guiao as the GWS overseer.

In his Bible-based homily, Brother Marquez emphasized to the attendees that the trials that God’s servants face in life are not unusual, for the problems they experience normally come to all people. He then encouraged them that as true Christians, they should have a positive outlook in life in the face of the many trials they encounter, for what awaits those who emerge victorious from all these will be saved by the Lord.

“The brethren in Olomouc will surely be edified all the more for they finally have their own group worship service and they don’t have to travel far to attend the worship gatherings,” said Brother Kenneth Abuan, ministerial worker assigned in Prague. “Hopefully, this will result to many more people joining the Church Of Christ, the brethren becoming much more active in worship services and other Church endeavors, and many more to take up offices in the Church.” — With assistance from Mark Andro T. Milan