‘Three Things’ clinches ‘Best in Promoting Christian Values’ award


Date Posted: October 4, 2022

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In the recent regional INCinema Awards for districts in Asia and Australia, including, Australia East, Australia West, Sabah, Thailand, New Zealand, and Micronesia, Three Things, the entry of the Ecclesiastical District of Malaysia, won the “Best in Promoting Christian Values” award, one of the categories in the annual competition.

The awarding ceremony, which was led by Brother Romeo Beltran, the district supervising minister of Australia West, and Brother RJ Jaraza, the overseer of the Christian Family Organizations (CFO) of the host district, was held on September 17, 2022 at the St. Kilda Town Hall in Melbourne, Australia. It was streamed live to remote sites where the cast and crew of the participating ecclesiastical districts were gathered.

The film tells the story of the married couple, Leonard and Klaire, whose lives changed for the better, eventually finding the true faith, when Lyanna was born to their union.

“One of the challenges which we faced in making this film was that there were many children in the cast. Directing them was challenging but, with God’s help, they learned how to act their part,” said Reynard Sartin, the film director.

“The most important thing is that we are able to praise God with this kind of project,” Jaime Mariano Jr., the film’s director of photography, said. “We also get to become closer as brothers and sisters in the faith and we get to hone our talents.”—With reports from INC News Section.