Zamboanga City District instates more officers, edifies married members


Date Posted: January 6, 2024

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The Ecclesiastical District of Zamboanga City, in the Philippines, held two consecutive edification activities aimed at fortifying Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) households and meeting the need for additional Church officers.

The first activity, during which more than a hundred new officers were sworn in, was the special gathering of all the Church officers in the district. It was held at the house of worship of the Local Congregation of Canelar on December 4, 2023, with Brother Gavino Mabido, district supervising minister, officiating.

The following day, members of the Buklod, the organization of married members in the Church, gathered at the houses of worship of the local congregations of Canelar and Isabela for the special gathering in commemoration of their organization’s 61st anniversary. Brother Mabido and assistant district supervising minister Brother Jonathan Ibañez, officiated the said gathering, respectively.

During the special gathering of Church officers, Brother Mabido highlighted to all in attendance their must-have qualities as the Bible prescribes for Church officers, such as being righteous, holy, and courageous in fulfilling their respective duties. He then encouraged the Church officers to remain strong in the faith, that they completely rely on and trust in God, for them to remain upholding their duties amid life’s hardships.

Johniel Velarde, a newly sworn officer from Suterville Congregation, said, “I promise to fulfill my duty faithfully and I will never forsake it no matter what happens. As taught to us, a faithful servant of God will be blessed by Him not only with the things in this world, but above all with salvation on Judgment Day.”

Both the presiding ministers during the special gathering of Buklod members reminded the attendees God’s will for them, that is, they must lead their respective families towards becoming and remaining strong in the faith. “God holds parents accountable to train up their children in obeying His commandments, so as not to be misled by the evil deeds in this world, but remain serving God until the end,” the ministers highlighted.

The officiating ministers also called on the married members to uphold their respective household’s ‘Family Hour’ during which parents may ask their children how they are at school or at work. Most especially, during the said activity, they pray to God together, entrusting in Him their family.

Aiza Jalapadan of the Guiwan Congregation avowed, “I and my husband will uphold taking care of our children by teaching them the words of God that they should follow. Come what may, our whole household will remain faithful servants of God until we inherit the blissful life eternal.”

Irish Joy Arique, a deaconess in Canelar Congregation, expressed, “I thank the Church Administration for overseeing every household in the Church. On my part as a parent, I will oversee the spiritual activeness of my family members by constantly reminding them to participate in all the activities of the Church, so that their faith will be even more edified.” — With reports from Cheremae Lascuña of INC News Section