212 sworn into office in Calgary District


Date Posted: November 16, 2022

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On October 28, 2022, the Ecclesiastical District of Calgary, Canada, held a special gathering of Church officers during which 212 new ones took their oath of office.

Brother Rolando Gaviola, district supervising minister, officiated at the sacred gathering which was held at the place of worship of the Local Congregation of Capitol Hill, Alberta. During his Bible-based homily, he reminded the Church officers, old and new alike, about the significance of holding firmly their sacred duties, which is proven by, among others, wholeheartedly fulfilling it.

Allan Frederick McDowell, who took oath as group overseer in the Local Congregation of Riverbend, Alberta, enthused, “This is my first office and my first oathtaking. To be able to do it with so many other brethren is just fantastic.”

“For me, my duties in the Church is a ‘break from reality.’ It’s because when I am performing these, I just feel so light, as if my problems and worries were taken off my shoulders,” Jhercey Delegencia, a KADIWA member from the Local Congregation of Spruce Meadows who also took oath that day, said.

The additional workforce will be a great boost to the Ecclesiastical District of Calgary which oversees brethren from 12 local congregations and 14 group worship services (GWS). — With reports from INC News Section