600 new Church officers added throughout Europe


Date Posted: January 11, 2024

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With the greater growth of membership of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) in Europe, which reached 50 years in September 2023, came the need not only to increase the number of Church officers in every local congregation but also to augment their capability in performing their duties.

To this noble end, in unity with the Church’s Central Administration, the leadership of the nine ecclesiastical districts in the continent each convened in December 2023 special gatherings of Church officers during which new ones were sworn.

“For the Executive Minister’s love and concern for the Church officers, he approved this special gathering [during which they were reminded] on how they should fulfill their duties,” said Brother Rodigar Toca, Church officers overseer of Italy South District, “so that they can lead the brethren to spiritual maturity.”

The Ecclesiastical Districts of Spain, Italy South, and Northern Europe conducted theirs on December 3, 2023. The supervising ministers of Spain and Italy South, Brothers Froilan Enriquez Jr. and Dyland Ramos, respectively, officiated at the special gathering of their districts. In Northern Europe, the assistant district supervising minister, Brother Jake Aaron Edic, was assigned to lead the holy occasion.

The next day, the Church officers in the Ecclesiastical Districts of Mediterranean and Western Europe held their gatherings in multiple venues. Brother Ramil Regino officiated at the house of worship of the Local Congregation of Limassol, Cyprus, which served as the main site. His biblical preaching was livestreamed to other designated venues. Meanwhile, the entire district staff of Western Europe, led by supervising minister, Brother Marvin Adriano, officiated at various venues in the district.

“During this special gathering not only were the current Church officers spiritually reinvigorated, but new officers were sworn into duty to be additional forces of our district in helping the Church Administration edify the faith of our fellow brethren,” said Brother Joel Catalan, supervising minister of the Central Europe District, who officiated at the special gathering and oath-taking on December 10.

Simultaneous with Central Europe, the Italy North and Great Britain Ecclesiastical Districts held their holy gatherings. These were officiated at by Brother Herbert Taguines, assistant supervising minister, and Brother Harley Alcantara, supervising minister, respectively.

The newest district in Europe, the Ireland Ecclesiastical District, held the special gathering and oath-taking on December 24. Brother Pepito Acuesta, district supervising minister, led the sacred event at the Dublin, Ireland Congregation’s place of worship.

In total, approximately 600 members who underwent the required seminar-training were instated as Church officers in various capacities.

Khristine Benedicto, who took oath for the office of local secretary and chronicler of the Local Congregation of Geneva North, Switzerland, District of Western Europe, assured, “My promise to our Lord God and to the Church Administration is that I will love my duty above all. By doing so, I will be able to prove my love to Him.” — With reports from INC News Section