Airdrie couple wins in Calgary District’s Mr. and Mrs. Chef


Date Posted: September 11, 2022

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With their mouth-watering barbecue, Nestor and Melody Garcia, from the Local Congregation of Airdrie, took home the title “Mr. and Mrs. Chef” during the competition hosted by the Ecclesiastical District of Calgary on August 21, 2022 that was held at the Kiwanis Picnic Park in Red Deer, Alberta. It was the highlight of the picnic organized by the Christian Family Organizations (CFO) for the brethren in the district.

Pleasantly surprised, Nestor said, “We were not expecting to win. The other couples definitely are talented. … Through this activity, my wife and I became closer and were able to express support to each other,” he added.

The Garcias received a trophy. The other participants received certificates of appreciation.

“This activity [Mr. and Mrs. Chef] gives a chance for husbands and wives to be with each other while at the same time work towards a common goal. This serves as a chance for them to bond and make their relationship stronger,” Brother Emmanuel Español, district CFO overseer, explained.

“CFO activities, such as the Mr. and Mrs. Chef, are beneficial for us because these allow us, Buklod members, to know one another and get together. These strengthen the bond of brotherhood,” Janis Legiehn, one of the judges, said. — With reports from INC News Section