Ajuy Congregation secretaries sponsor evangelical mission


Date Posted: March 14, 2022

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On March 4, 2022, secretaries of the Local Congregation of Ajuy, Ecclesiastical District of Iloilo North sponsored an evangelical mission. Days prior to the said propagational activity, they invited people to listen to the words of God.

“I am happy that the day of the evangelical mission finally came,” expressed Analita Pineda, a deaconess. “I was able to invite my relatives who are not yet members. I will continue to invite more people especially my loved ones and friends to bring them into the proper way of serving God.”

Brother Jan Dave Escano, a minister of the gospel, officiated the propagational activity. Through the Bible, he pointed out the importance of membership in the true Church Of Christ in order to solve man’s ultimate problem: the second death. He encouraged the guests to continue listening to the doctrines upheld by the Church for them to receive the hope of salvation.

Renette Tanoy, a guest, said, “My time was well spent attending the evangelical mission. I’ve learned many things about the Church Of Christ.”

“With God’s help, the evangelical mission was a success,” enthused Brother Escano, “because many of the guests expressed their intent in joining the Church.” Speaking on behalf of the brethren in Ajuy, he avowed, “We promise to the Church Administration that we will continue to intensify the work of propagation in our district.” — With reports from INC News Section