Australia East’s Light Of Salvation spiritually recharged in special gathering


Date Posted: February 10, 2022

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On January 24, 2022, a special gathering of officers in the Light Of Salvation (LOS) was held in the Ecclesiastical District of Australia East. The district supervising minister, Brother Felix Santos, officiated the occasion from the house of worship of the Local Congregation of Minchinbury, New South Wales. His preaching was livestreamed to the other sites in the district.

In his homily, Brother Santos reiterated to the brethren that as it is God’s command to share the knowledge that will lead to salvation, it is only right that they be active in helping in the intensive propagation of the gospel. He also pointed out to them that God promised blessings to His servants who would fulfill this commandment.

“This special gathering is meant to inspire everyone, not just the officers, but all brethren in our district to help in the propagational activities. Part of the gathering was the giving of recognition to all the officers and brethren who helped in the missionary works for our district,” Jay Ogabang, LOS president of Brisbane, Queensland Local Congregation, said.

“When our brethren hear that their efforts [in propagation work] are recognized, that gives them more inspiration to continue helping in the work of propagation,” Brother Renan Almario, district LOS overseer, said.

“Hearing the words of our Lord God, as well as the messages coming from the Church Administration, reinvigorated us, encouraging us all the more to share our faith to our friends, loved ones, and other people,” said Aemar Sunga, a KADIWA officer from the Local Congregation of Minchinbury.

“I am thankful for the many tools to share our faith. We can use social media to invite our friends to our Bible studies, we have Church magazines to give to our loved ones and friends, and other ways to invite them in our activities,” Aemar added. — With reports from INC News Section