Bagong Silang 1 Congregation marks 40 years of active service to God


Date Posted: February 17, 2024

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To commemorate its milestone anniversary this year, the Local Congregation of Bagong Silang 1’s members gathered together on January 23, 2024 in their house of worship to offer their heartfelt praises to God His four decades of blessings.

Among the Lord’s bountiful blessings they all were deeply grateful for was that all through the years, amid trials in life and of faith, they remained in their fervent service of Him inside the true Church. They recognized that all this was because of His guidance and help.

The Caloocan North Ecclesiastical District’s supervising minister officiated at the said special gathering, which the attendees attested was filled with the Lord’s spiritual grace. Brother Ariel Barzaga delivered an uplifting Bible-based lesson exhorting to hold on tightly to their calling from God and serve Him more devotedly in earnest appreciation of His unending love and mercy.

“Our Father is so good and loving to us. Throughout the years of my services to Him, I’ve seen how God has given victory after victory to our local congregation as we unite in all of the Church’s works,” Eduardo Del Rosario, one of the pioneering members said. He added,  “Tests and persecution came but His love saw us through and we are still able to uphold our membership.”

Brother Barzaga also emphasized in his homily that showing gratitude to God can all the more be proven by being obedient to all of His commandments to Christians.

“One of [these] is the work of propagation,” said Brother Edilberto Tolentino, resident minister. “We here in Bagong Silang I will further [efforts to] share the true faith.”

He led the Bagong Silang 1 brethren in the evangelical mission they conducted on January 26 in unity of the entire Church as every congregation held such activity. They distributed Pasugo: God’s Message magazines and religious pamphlets days prior to the evangelistic event.

“As we look forward for more years to come, we will march on towards the promised salvation. Tribulations will come for sure but as we face them, we will remain unfazed and be dutiful before the Lord God,” affirmed Brother Tolentino. — With assistance from Namilyhn Komatsu and John Derick Cordial of INC News Section