Bible-based lesson about salvation attracts guests in evangelical mission in Shizuoka City, Japan


Date Posted: July 2, 2023

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“Ever since the start [of the lesson], what caught my attention was that the words of God being taught to us were all written in the Bible. Nothing more, nothing less,” said Myrna Soriano, a guest, about the evangelical mission she attended in Shizuoka City, Japan, situated 173 kilometers south of Tokyo.

On June 4, 2023, four local congregations in the Ecclesiastical District of Tokyo, Japan joined efforts in holding such evangelistic activity held at the main hall of the Shizuoka City Culture Hall in 2-90 Sumpucho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City, Japan. Brethren from the congregations of Numazu, Hamamatsu, Kikugawa, and Shizuoka took the opportunity to invite their coworkers, friends, and loved ones in a study of God’s words led by Brother Amante Rodriguez.

In his Bible-based preaching, the district supervising minister highlighted that for people to be saved from eternal punishment on the Day of Judgment, they need to be taught the truth, join the Church Of Christ, and remain faithful members until the end.

Dina De Vera, a deaconess from the Numazu Congregation, was among those who united with the Church Administration in sharing the truth about salvation. She explained, “It is God’s command to help our fellowmen who are not yet members of the Church by letting them know about the teachings we uphold for them to know God’s truth and be saved.” — With reports from Jansen Danganan of INC News Section