Biking in Nepean draws young members closer


Date Posted: July 18, 2023

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A biking activity on June 17, 2023 served as a great bonding opportunity for the participating KADIWA and Binhi members from the Local Congregation of Nepean, Ontario in the Ecclesiastical District of Ottawa, Canada.

The single and young members first met within the compound of their house of worship for some reminders on road safety. Using the designated lane for cyclists and pedestrians, they cycled for more than two kilometers to and from Black Rapids Lockstation located at a bend in the Rideau River. Along the route, they well appreciated the picturesque surroundings.

“I like how the KADIWA and Binhi members came to unite for this activity,” Milsson Villar, KADIWA member, observed. “We had so much fun in this activity approved by the Church Administration,” Mark Garcia, KADIWA member, said. — With reports from Dorothy Christine De Aro of INC News Section