Binhi members in Thailand reminded of Christian way of life


Date Posted: July 6, 2023

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During their special gathering on June 10, 2023, the Binhi members from the Ecclesiastical District of Thailand received reminders of and further instructions in upholding the true Christian way of life as they help strengthen family ties.

Brother Willen Regalado officiated at the sacred occasion participated in by all congregations in the district through videoconferencing, with the Bangkok Congregation’s place of worship as the host site.

Through a biblical lesson, the district supervising minister reminded the young members of living by Christian teachings whatever they do and overcome temptations in this world. He also advised them to do their best in school to attain a bright future, respect and obey their parents, and remain zealous in serving God.

“Special gatherings such as this further strengthen the faith of the brethren,” Brother Christian Angelo Cervantes, a minister of the gospel, explained. “For the young members, they are being guided on how to properly conduct themselves before other people, even to nonmembers.”

“We are truly thankful for the love and care the Church Administration shows us by upholding special gatherings like this where we are once again blessed with lifelong knowledge by the words of our Almighty God,” said Lorraine Yting, from the Rangsit Congregation. “Education is important and I should focus myself in my studies and be the best that I can be. But above all, I will prioritize my divine duties inside the Church over anything, as I know if I seek God first, He will provide me with all the answers I need in my life.” — With reports from INC News Section