Brethren in Macau share the true faith thru Pasugo drive


Date Posted: January 13, 2022

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Driven by their earnest desire to share the spiritual blessings they received when they joined the Church Of Christ, most important of which is the hope of salvation, brethren in the Ecclesiastical District of Macau actively united in sharing the true faith through a Pasugo distribution drive before 2021 ended.

Darnel Calangi, Buklod congregation president in Taipa, said, “Our hearts are filled with joy as we participate in sharing to many people the true teachings that we uphold in the Church Of Christ.”

From December 19 to 26, Church members from various local congregations all over the district gave out free copies of the Pasugo: God’s Message magazine to the people they met in the streets, parks, and in their respective workplaces.

Lesly Ann Rallos, a Light of Salvation (LOS) officer from the Macau Congregation, expressed, “We are so happy in actively sharing our faith to our fellowmen by giving out Pasugo magazines. Even though we get tired from our everyday endeavors, we are not hindered in taking part in the intensified work of propagation.”

As the KADIWA congregation president of the same congregation, Cris Oasan, strives to be a good example to other members in uniting with the Church Administration. “We see to it that we allot time in distributing Pasugo magazines, as part of our unity. This also serves as a bonding moment with our fellow KADIWA members.”

The brethren carefully observed the health and safety protocols in place while conducting the activity. — With reports from INC News Section