Capas District commemorates CWS 104th anniversary


Date Posted: December 10, 2022

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Children’s Worship Service (CWS) teachers and officers from the Ecclesiastical District of Capas, Tarlac, in the Philippines commemorated the 104th anniversary of CWS on November 26, 2022.

For this, they gathered for worship at the house of worship of the Local Congregation of San Francisco-Concepcion, during which they offered praise and thanks to the Lord God for the bountiful blessings and triumphs He bestowed on the CWS and for His help and guidance to them in fulfilling their offices.


“I am happy to attend in the special gathering and receive our Lord God’s teaching that will guide me in performing my Church duty,” Jam Kelly Manalang, CWS teacher from the Local Congregation of Magao, expressed.

In his homily, Brother Pedro Castillo, district supervising minister, exhorted the attendees to prioritize fulfilling their God-given duty for doing so pleases God. He reminded the CWS teachers to make sure that they are the first ones to fully understand the lessons they teach to the children, underscoring the importance of studying the lessons well and praying to God for His guidance.

“This gathering added strength to us that we will use in performing our duties,” said Sabers Dimatulac, a CWS district officer. — With reports from INC News Section