Christian families in Edmonton strengthen ties


Date Posted: September 20, 2023

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As its name signifies, the “Family Fun Day” participated in by Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) families in the Ecclesiastical District of Edmonton on August 20, 2023, aimed to highlight the importance of spending quality time with respective families.

Organized by district Christian Family Organizations (CFO) officers, under the guidance of Brother Rolando E. Gaviola, district supervising minister, the wholesome event took place at Rundle Park, a municipal park in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Brother Gaviola gave the opening remarks. He thanked all brethren from the various local congregations that were in attendance as well as motivating every family to further strengthen bonds with one another.

The attendees then enjoyed the various games and activities, which promoted closer relationships between parents and children, as well as the refreshments that were also prepared.

“This activity really showed the unity of all the brethren here in the District of Edmonton. With parents and their children present—it really was a Family Fun Day. The smiles and laughter of all the brethren was very inspiring and made relationships between every family member even stronger,” observed Brother Rennel Romero, district CFO overseer.

Concluding the activity, Brother Paquito Ibañez Jr. gave the closing remarks. He encouraged the brethren to unite in the many CFO activities that the district has prepared for every Christian family member to enjoy.  — With reports from Brian Justin Tacneng of INC News Section