Christian Family Youth Summit invigorates young members in Tokyo


Date Posted: June 17, 2023

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Young members from various local congregations in the Ecclesiastical District of Tokyo, Japan gathered at their respective houses of worship on May 14, 2023 to attend through videoconferencing the Christian Family Youth Summit, which the Christian Family Organizations (CFO) Office organized.

Brother Ron Justinne Velasco, district CFO overseer, led the activity at the house of worship of the Local Congregation of Yokosuka, which served as the host site.

During the event, the KADIWA and Binhi members watched a video presentation that reminded them not to conform in the ways of the world, and that the Lord God must be the sole influencer to their lives. They must obey His commandments at all times, for them to be successful in life, remain true servants of His, to be worthy of receiving salvation on Judgment Day.

Midori Isorena, a Children’s Worship Service (CWS) organist in the Local Congregation of Yokohama, said in an interview, “I learned that the influencer that people need to follow is God, and that He has good plans for us. I believe that God supports me so that I won’t be at a wrong direction in life. Everything that He teaches is right, and so I will keep obeying Him.”

Herdionczar Peralta, also an organist, from the Local Congregation of Ichikawa, said that he has been “inspired to continue acquiring knowledge to become successful in this life and to fulfill my dreams. However, just like the message that has been relayed, I will be careful in seeking wisdom in this world. I will always put my trust in the Lord God.”

“I will always remember to hold on firmly to the true faith, so that I will not be swayed by erroneous insights of so-called influencers,” said Elaine Gammad, KADIWA vice president and CWS teacher from the same congregation. “This event is very timely, especially now when many people are succumbed to using the internet and many social media influencers give their various perceptions in just about anything in this life. Let God be the One who will influence our lives,” she added. — With reports from Jansen Danganan of INC News Section