CMDPS in Naples initiates ‘Buklod Health Watch’


Date Posted: July 16, 2022

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On June 19, 2022, the Christian Medical Dental and Paramedical Society (CMDPS) leadership in the Ecclesiastical District of Italy South initiated the “Buklod Health Watch” in the Local Congregation of Napoli aimed at providing free medical services to married couples.

Ariela Marbella and Lenly Del Rosario, both CMDPS officers, checked the blood pressure and blood sugar level of the Buklod members who assembled at the congregation’s function hall along Via Benedetto Cairoli in Napoli, Italy. They also helped the beneficiaries compute their Body Mass Index (BMI), which determines their current health conditions if they had a standard weight, underweight, overweight, or obese.

“Health monitoring is important in terms of prevention,” said Marbella. “Early detection gives the best chance of getting the right treatment quickly and avoiding complications.”

Brother Harry Jamesford Bautista, the resident minister, said, “The Buklod members are happy and thankful. They are inspired to monitor their health. The activity also helps remind the brethren about their current health conditions so they can take care of their body and continue performing their Church duties.” — With reports from INC News Section