Concern for fellowmen spurs brethren from Dumaguete City to share faith


Date Posted: July 5, 2022

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“I want other people to know about the Church Of Christ and how salvation awaits those who join this Church,” answered Joel Gabas Jr., a choir member, when asked what motivates him in doing his part in the intensified work of propagation launched by the Church Administration.

Moved by the same noble intent, other Church officers and members in the Local Congregation of Dumaguete City, Ecclesiastical District of Negros Oriental worked hand in hand in inviting many people, friends and relatives included, to an evangelical mission held on June 17, 2022.

When the appointed day and time came, the brethren dutifully accompanied their respective guests to their congregation’s house of worship, the venue for the evangelical mission. Together with their guests, the brethren listened to the study of God’s words led by Brother Renato Callejo, district supervising minister. Emphasized to the guests is the biblical teaching that membership in the true Church—the Church Of Christ—is a must for attaining salvation.

The joint efforts of the brethren, with God’s help, resulted in more people expressing interest to learn more about the teachings upheld in the Church Of Christ.

“Conducting such activity not only brought enthusiasm to the brethren in sharing their faith, but also served as an effective instrument in proclaiming God’s words that would lead many people to salvation,” said Brother Fersan Mark Gersan, a ministerial worker. — With reports from INC News Section