CWS officers in Bohol reminded to be exemplary in the faith


Date Posted: June 3, 2023

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A special gathering was held on May 8, 2023 for the Children’s Worship Service (CWS) officers of the Ecclesiastical District of Bohol, in the Philippines, at the house of worship of the Local Congregation of Ubujan. During the sacred occasion, the attendees were reminded from the truth written in the Bible to be exemplary in the faith for the sake of their fellow younger brethren.


“Through our duties, we’re instruments to guide the children of the brethren in serving our Almighty God for them to be sure of receiving the promised salvation,” said Charlene Saren, a CWS teacher from the Local Congregation of Cambagui.

Brother Raul Cervantes, district supervising minister, officiated; his preaching was streamed live to selected remote sites, which were the houses of worship of the local congregations of Carmen, Guindulman, Mahayag, San Jose, and Tubigon.

He emphasized to the CWS officers the importance of dedication to their duty by showing genuine care as they guide the children in the proper way of serving God.

“That there are special gatherings like this is truly uplifting for us CWS officers,” Mae Espinas from the Local Congregation of Tagbilaran City, expressed. “Receiving God’s teachings has inspired me to be more active in performing my duties.” — With reports from Trisha Cervantes of INC News Section