Edmonton brethren express gratitude to God for INC 109th anniversary via series of activities


Date Posted: August 18, 2023

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In unison with the entire Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) in holding thanksgiving services for its 109th anniversary celebration, brethren in the Ecclesiastical District of Edmonton, Canada expressed further their gratitude to God through a roster of events: an evangelical mission, Christian Family Organizations (CFO) Band Together, and Songs Of Salvation KADIWA and Binhi Edition, all in one day, on July 30, 2023.  

Brother Rolando Gaviola, supervising minister, officiated at the said evangelical mission at the Life Auditorium, Edmonton, Canada.

Brother Paquito Ibañez, assistant supervising minister, said, “We are one with the Church Administration and the whole Church in giving thanks to the Almighty God for adding another year of blessings to us as members of His chosen nation in these last days. For this, brethren really gave effort for this event. We prayed for its success. It was so with the help of our Father.”
During the evangelical mission, the guests were taught a Bible-based lesson about the true religion man must join: the true Church Of Christ. Biblical prophecies that were fulfilled in the Church were presented as proofs that it is indeed God’s chosen nation in the latter days.

During the Songs of Salvation KADIWA and Binhi Edition and Band Together segments, choirs and bands from various local congregations presented renditions of INC Original Music pieces.

“Every anniversary of the Church is quite an experience to remember. This year, in our district, I was one of those who performed during the Band Together activity,” said Robert Laqui from the Local Congregation of Eastwood. He performed for his band during the said friendly competition. “I’m awe-inspired by the unity I belong to in the Church. I will continue on to be active in all my duties in the Church,” he added. — With reports from Jonah Grace Lopez of INC News Section