Health awareness, activities for anniversary tackled in Ugong Congregation’s Buklod meeting


Date Posted: April 18, 2022

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Discussions during the meeting of the Buklod organization in the Local Congregation of Ugong, Ecclesiastical District of Metro Manila East centered on the importance of staying healthy and guarding one’s self against diseases.

The meeting was held on April 3, 2022 at the congregation’s house of worship. The married members were also informed about the roster of Buklod activities that they should prepare for and join, especially those related to their congregation’s upcoming anniversary.

On avoiding severe diseases
A choir member from the local congregation, Dr. Claro Cayanan, Diplomate, Philippine Specialty Board of Internal Medicine and Fellow, Philippines College of Physicians, served as the guest speaker. He discussed to the attendees the various diseases that when left unchecked, might hinder a Church member in his or her services to the Lord God.

“The knowledge of various types of diseases that could hinder us in serving God should be given careful attention,” Dr. Cayanan said.

Dr. Cayanan’s discussion revolved around hypertension, heart attack, and stroke. He presented to the brethren the symptoms to watch out for, and more importantly, first aid that may be administered. He stressed that although hypertension is treatable, it is way better to prevent it from setting in. He encouraged the brethren to watch their diet, perform regular exercises, and if needed, take medications.

Upcoming activities
Jay Kristoffer Luz, local Buklod president, read to the attendees the line-up of their organization’s activities for the month of April, giving focus to the anniversary-related ones as the local congregation will reach its 91st year on April 22, 2022.

He informed the attendees of a planned special gathering, a livelihood seminar, an outreach-evangelical mission, a clean-up and Pasugo drive. A socializing activity later this month, he said, is also in the works.

God’s counsel for health
Before the activity ended, Brother Alejandro Martinez III, the local congregation’s Christian Family Organizations (CFO) overseer, delivered a short Bible-based lecture.

He emphasized to the married members that it is God’s command for His people to take care of their health. Activities, such as bodily exercise, can be of benefit as well as the various tips for a healthy lifestyle. Above all, he exhorted them to firmly believe in the Lord God’s promise that He will protect His faithful and loyal people and save them from the dangers in this world.

“As the Lord God’s chosen people, we are expected to serve and worship Him. It is important to nurture our faith by holding on steadfastly to God’s teachings taught by the Church Administration; and one is taking good care of our health so we may continue fulfilling our Church duties,” Brother Jimenez said.

“What were taught in this meeting is important because this will help us [married members] in our services to our Lord God. Giving importance to our health is needed for us to continue fulfilling our Church obligations,” Manilyn S. Babanto, a Buklod member, said. “So that my family and I can actively participate in upcoming activities, I will share the information to them. I am thankful to God and the Church Administration for their love. This inspires me to be more active in my services inside the Church,” she added. — With assistance from MME District Multimedia