KADIWA, Binhi 49th anniversary: Negros Del Norte youth hold special gathering


Date Posted: November 9, 2022

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In commemoration of the 49th anniversary of their organizations, the KADIWA and Binhi members from the Ecclesiastical District of Negros Del Norte on October 16, 2022 held special gatherings in four venues to worship the Lord God and for their spiritual edification.

The said venues where the gatherings were simultaneously conducted were the houses of worship of the Local Congregations of Canlaon City,  San Carlos City, Sagay City, and Tayasan.

Respectively, Brothers Mario Mabuti, the district supervising minister; Clark Paraguas, the district edification overseer; Jimmy Lleno, the district treasurer; and Levi Alejandria, the district secretary, served as officiating ministers.

Each of them delivered a Bible-based lesson exhorting the youth to live in righteousness and safeguard their faith and, thus, their hope for salvation especially now that the day of Judgment is near.

“The Church Administration has approved this special gathering so the youth inside here in our district will not only be reminded to remain firm in the true faith but also get the chance to meet other brethren, further edifying their bond of brotherhood,” Brother Paraguas remarked.

“I felt renewed and inspired when the minister exhorted us to remain resilient in our faith amid life difficulties for our Almighty God will always be there to help us,” said by Perlyn Fernandez, from Local Congregation of San Carlos City. — With reports from INC News Section