KADIWA in Italy South learns home remedies for common sickness


Date Posted: March 13, 2022

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KADIWA members from the Ecclesiastical District of Italy South learned about home remedies for cough and colds in a webinar held on February 22, 2022. Cough and colds are quite common during the cold winter months and, if left untreated, may cause complications.

Through the activity, which was facilitated by Leslie Ann Mundo, KADIWA district president, the attendees were given various health advice to ward off cough and colds and speed up recovery when one gets them.

Later on, the brethren had the chance to show their fellow KADIWA members their preferred home remedies for cough and colds. They shared short video clips showing how they are properly done. Practices such as steam-inhalation, drinking of ginger tea, and gargling of lukewarm water infused with salt were some of those shown.

At the end of the activity, Brother Michael Pineda, the district Christian Family Organizations (CFO) overseer, gave biblical advice to the attendees. He was quoted saying, “Doctors can indeed help determine what’s causing our symptoms and help us find the best treatment for our illness, but above all, we must always seek the Lord God for protection and guidance, for He can cure us through our prayers and anointing of the sick done with faith.” — With reports from INC News Section