Kidapawan City KADIWA members learn about positive thinking


Date Posted: November 4, 2022

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KADIWA members from the Local Congregation of Kidapawan, in the Ecclesiastical District of Cotabato North, in the Philippines, together learned about “Positive Thinking Keeps The Stress Away” on October 9, 2022, as part of their monthly meeting.


Daisy Belle B. Palomo, a degree holder in Psychology and the congregation’s KADIWA vice president, served as the keynote speaker. During her discussion, she enumerated to the attendees the ways positive thinking impacts individuals and pointed out its importance in stress management. She went on to share with her fellow KADIWA members practical tips on how to develop positive thinking. 

More importantly, she shared that KADIWA members should “always stay positive; having that mindset that we can triumph over any kind of stressors, especially because we have God with us. He listens to our prayers. And so we should fully trust in what He can do for us.”

Celian Marie Rojo, one of the attendees, said, “Stress is a part of life; it cannot be avoided. So, we need to manage it well. Having a ‘stressor indicator list’ or list of things that might bring about stress can help us cope with or adapt quickly to stressful events. We are also encouraged to have that ‘breathing space,’ so that we can come up with the correct solutions to our problems.” 

Prior to the discussion, the attendees first watched a video presentation featuring a recap of the activities of the KADIWA in the previous month. KADIWA members whose birthdays fall on the month of October received presents. 

Before the end of the seminar, Brother Melchor Flora, the resident minister, gave a Bible-based advice to the attendees. — With assistance from the District Multimedia