Macau District commemorates anniversary of INC Radio satellite studio


Date Posted: December 25, 2022

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In December of 2018, the Church Administration formally established the satellite studio of INC Radio for Macau District, with members of the district multimedia team as staff.

Since then, the bureau has produced and aired numerous worthwhile programs, including Church reports that have proved instrumental in the edification of the brethren as well as the propagation of the true Christian faith.

In appreciation and gratitude to the Lord God for these blessings, the Ecclesiastical District of Macau held a special gathering on December 3, 2022. Held also in commemoration of the bureau’s fourth anniversary, the gathering was attended by the members of the district multimedia team together with other volunteers from certain local congregations.

Brother Celestino Bacsafra, the district supervising minister, officiated at the holy gathering that took place at the Local Congregation of Macau’s place of worship. Through his Bible-based homily, he encouraged the attendees to all the more be dedicated to their duties to God, fulfilling these to “their full capabilities” as what they do “impact the lives of brethren.”

“We felt the genuine concern of the Church Administration, teaching us the Christian values that we need to possess when we perform our duties, such as being prayerful, humble, and patient,” Karen Faith Simpleo, INCRadio Macau Satellite Studio Producer and district multimedia director, said. “Even as Church officers, we went through a lot of difficulties this year due to the pandemic and calamities. Praises and thanks be unto our Lord God, Who helped us to remain in our duties. We promise to our Lord God that we will put the teachings that we heard into practice and we will continue to strive living in holiness.”

The programs produced in the Macau Satellite studio are aired through the main studio of the INC Radio located at the INC Central Office Complex in Brgy. New Era, Quezon City, Philippines. — With reports from INC News Section