Mediterranean District establishes fourth GWS in Israel


Date Posted: December 26, 2022

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Less than a month after establishing the Red Sea GWS in Israel, the Ecclesiastical District of Mediterranean established the fourth group worship service (GWS) in the country and the 8th in the entire district.

The members of the Be’er Sheva GWS, named after the city where it is established, formerly belonged in the Local Congregation of Tel-Aviv.

For the inaugural worship service that signified the formal establishment of their GWS on December 5, 2022, they gathered in a rented hall at Fiesta 28, along HaMelacha Street, Be’er Sheva, Israel. But as approved by the Church Administration, their regular worship services would be held at the Ottoman House along Ha-Avot 9 Street, Be’er Sheva.

Brother Ramil Regino, district supervising minister, officiated at the inaugural worship service, which was also attended by some brethren from neighboring congregations.

In his homily, Brother Regino emphasized to the brethren that remaining in the true Church and not turning away from God are expected by God from those whom He promised eternal life in the Holy City. He exhorted them to continue obeying God’s commands, such as worshiping Him, to be certain of the promised reward on the appointed day.

Rhodora Bajo, appointed as the new GWS’ secretary, expressed her gratitude to the Church Administration for approving a place of worship near her and fellow members’ homes and workplaces. “We will give utmost importance to the blessing that was bestowed on us. Worship services are essential for us because this is where we render our praises to the Father.”

On behalf of the Be’er Sheva GWS, Danny dela Cruz, overseer of the newly established GWS, promised, “We’ll strive to unite and cooperate with all the works in the Church and we’ll not allow that anyone from us will falter in our services to God.” — With reports from INC News Section