New members in Negros Occidental urged to uphold holy life amid trials


Date Posted: June 24, 2023

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Right before receiving the true baptism on May 27, 2023, would-be members from the ecclesiastical districts of Kabankalan City and Valladolid, both in Negros Occidental, Philippines were encouraged to uphold a holy life as true Christians should, even amid tests of faith, for their spiritual perfection.

In Kabankalan City, the assistant supervising minister Brother Jonas Medrano officiated at the baptismal service held at the house of worship of the congregation bearing the same name. He emphasized to the candidates for baptism that upholding a holy way of living is a requisite for Church members to secure salvation.

Meanwhile, the holy baptism conducted in the La Castellana Congregation house of worship was officiated by the Valladolid District assistant supervising minister, Brother Mario Quiroz. Citing from the Holy Scriptures, he encouraged the would-be members to have confidence even when facing trials, because enduring these as they remain obedient to God’s command lead to the perfection of their faith.

Guillerma Dayot, a newly-baptized member from Kabankalan City said she was “so thankful to the Lord God for calling me into the true Church.”  She recalled that in her former religion, her “life then was miserable, I had no direction and certainty for a bright future. Now that I am a proud Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) member, all is clear. I only need now to uphold a holy way of living and obedience to God.”

On her part, Mary Joy Panaligan, a dedicated high school teacher from Pandan Congregation, Valladolid District, said, “Now being a Church member, I will always put dedication to my faith and will make it my priority to share it even to my students and colleagues.” — With reports from Carmela Arquiza and Credenda Balceda of INC News section