New Zealand District holds trade fair, ‘Welcome, My Brethren’


Date Posted: September 28, 2023

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The Ecclesiastical District of New Zealand held a trade fair and “Welcome, My Brethren” on August 20 to September 3, 2023 in commemoration of the sixth anniversary of the district.

Newly baptized members, prospective members, doctrinal instructees as well as guests, gathered in various regions of the district. Led by the Church officers, they flocked to New Lynn Community Centre, along Totara Avenue, New Lynn, Auckland (Auckland Region); 15 Coronation Street, Strathern, Invercargill (Invercargill Region); within the compound of the house of worship of Christchurch Local Congregation (Christchurch Region); and Redwood School & Community Emergency Hub along Redwood Avenue, Tawa, Wellington (Wellington Region) for the activities.

Christian Family Organizations (CFO) district officers organized the Trade Fair, which also served as part of the “Welcome, My Brethren” activity, offering a variety of products ranging from home-made foods and delicacies, hand-made crafts, preloved clothes, and health and beauty items.

Newly baptized brethren, prospective members, and doctrinal instructees, together with guests, witnessed the camaraderie and the love of brotherhood in the Church.

“These kinds of activities inside the Church allow me to be more spiritually active,” said Patricia Redoña, Binhi officer from the Local Congregation of Invercargill. “These also are perfect moments for us to get to know newly baptized members and those in the process of joining the Church, and warmly welcome them in the Church Of Christ.”

“We saw the unity of the brethren with the Church Administration,” Brother Rafner de Castro, resident minister of the Local Congregation of Christchurch, observed. “The brethren, doctrinal instructees, prospective members, and even the guests bonded and connected with one another.”

The Ecclesiastical District of New Zealand was established on September 22, 2017. — With reports from Roxanne Rosquita of INC News Section