New Zealand District, TSV anniversaries observed via evangelical missions


Date Posted: October 18, 2023

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The previous month saw the Ecclesiastical District of New Zealand reach its sixth anniversary and the Technical Support for Videostreaming (TSV) its third.

To commemorate both of these important occasions, evangelical missions were held by every local congregation in the district on September 18, 2023, with the TSV officers leading fellow members in inviting guests to listen to the preaching of God’s words. Group worship services (GWS) and extensions connected through videoconferencing to the congregations supervising them.

The officiating ministers delivered a biblical lesson about the great misfortune that has befallen the people in this world and how one can be spared from it by joining the true Church that the Lord Jesus Christ established and will save.

“Aside from the problems in this world, the Day of Judgment is very near when all things will be burned by fire and ungodly people will be judged,” Gilbert Tunac, a Church officer with the Invercargill Local Congregation, said. “People should join the true Church Of Christ for them to be saved and this is what we encourage our guests to fulfill.”

Regidor Supapo, a guest, said he “noticed that everything is being read in the Bible and it was emphasized to us the importance of following God’s commands.” He went on to say, “I heard the truth about the Iglesia Ni Cristo and I’m willing to continue listening to God’s words being taught in this Church.”

Before the preaching of God’s words a video presentation about the Church Of Christ and its various programs and projects geared towards fulfilling its God-given mission was shown. — With reports from Roxanne Rosquita of INC News Section