Online board games bring together brethren in Tokyo


Date Posted: August 30, 2022

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An online board games activity hosted by the Ecclesiastical District of Tokyo, Japan on August 7, 2022, brought together brethren-enthusiasts from various local congregations.

The Christian Family Organizations (CFO) officers organized and facilitated the activity from the place of worship of the Local Congregation of Ichikawa. Through a videoconferencing platform, the participants accessed breakout rooms devoted to several board games including chess, scrabble, Game of the Generals, and Gomoku—a Japanese strategy board game.

At the start of the activity, Brother Shuta Uchiyama, district CFO overseer, addressed the participants reminding them that the activities the Church Administrations approves, including online activities, are meant to foster love of brotherhood.

Throughout the day, brethren, from the comfort of their home, virtually gathered and spent time with each other, further strengthening the bond of brotherhood. — With reports from INC News Section