Ottawa District gains new members


Date Posted: April 23, 2022

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As a result of the vigorous propagational efforts of the brethren in the Ottawa Ecclesiastical District, a baptism was held on March 28, 2022 led by the district supervising minister, Brother Jose Razon II.

“With the help of our Almighty God, we strive to share our faith despite the many trials that we face in this world,” said Marilou Garcia, a choir member from the Local Congregation of Beaconsfield. Together with her fellow brethren who bore fruits that day, Marilou witnessed the baptism of new converts at the house of worship of the Nepean Local Congregation, which served as the main site.

During the baptismal service, Brother Razon reminded the candidates for baptism about the responsibilities of the members of the Church Of Christ as laid down in the Bible. He emphasized to them that it is their Christian duty to constantly attend the worship services, submit to the Church Administration, and actively participate in Church activities, among others. By doing so, their faith will be fortified, thus they will be assured of receiving the promised salvation.

Donna Grace Valdez, a newly baptized member, expressed, “I am happy and blessed for I received the true baptism and have now become a member of the Church Of Christ. I will share my faith to my family, friends, and coworkers who are not yet members.”

“We thank God for utilizing the Church Administration to further intensify the works of propagation so that more people will be saved come the Day of Judgment especially now that the time of the fulfillment of our redemption is truly near,” said Brother Melvin Ibañez, district Light of Salvation (LOS) overseer.

In an interview, Brother Razon shared his message to the newly baptized brethren: “Let’s continue to maintain our strong connection with the Lord God through the Church Administration. No matter what happens, let us remain obedient to all of God’s commandments.”  — With reports from INC News Section